Scam Alert! Don't Fall for These Calls

For the Public,

Beware of These Phone Calls/Emails

scam alert

A new phishing scheme has begun, targeting PSAI members and probably other PROs. This specific scheme has come in the form of voice phone calls from individuals claiming to work for "Martini Hughes and Grossman," calling themselves "important lawyers" working for PSAI to collect outstanding balances. Please note, this is a scam. Do not engage with the people making these calls.

PSAI members (and others who purchase events or other items from our website) can always check for outstanding balances by logging into their PSAI website portal or by calling our office at 952-854-8300.

Other scams that we've heard about include emails from people claiming to sell PSAI event attendee data. PSAI does not sell attendee data under any circumstance. While PSAI cannot take direct action, we encourage you to report and block offending emails and phone numbers when possible. We also encourage you to report these incidents to federal authorities:

Here's the FBI's online incident reporting tool:

Here's the FTC fraud reporting site:

Your state's attorney general or commerce department may also prove helpful in investigating scams or fraud.