Proud Member Logos

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Please read Standards & Guidelines for Use at the bottom of this page before downloading

The Proud Member logo recognizes PSAI members worldwide. When you display a Proud Member logo, you're doing more than supporting your association. You also show a higher level of involvement in your industry, identify yourself to other PSAI members, and may lend greater credibility to your company, as all PSAI members are held to the PSAI Code of Ethics.

Where can I put a Proud Member logo?

Here are just a few ways you can use your PSAI Proud Member logo:

  • Email signatures
  • Company website
  • Social media
  • Business Cards
  • Exhibit booth placards, banners, or other display material
  • Truck or unit decals
  • Employee uniforms

Options 1 and 2 are best suited for print and web applications. Option 3 is best for stand-alone displays, magnets, stickers, or patches.

Standards & Guidelines for Use

Maintainence of brand standards and appropriate use of logos is important ensure the credibility of PSAI and members like you. Please pay special attention to Section 2 of the PSAI Brand Standards & Guidelines document linked below. Use of the PSAI logo without the words "proud member," or otherwise, any other version of the PSAI logo than those shown above, are not permitted for use by PSAI members.

Proud Member logos may not be modified in any way that violates the PSAI Brand Standards & Guidelines. Thank you for helping us uphold the image of PSAI!

PSAI Brand Standards & Guidelines