Supplier Visibility Kit

Each year the PSAI offers suppliers a wide variety of opportunities to reach their customers in the portable sanitation industry.

Whether that opportunity is an advertisement in our annual Industry Resource Directory, a table top exhibit space at Nuts & Bolts, or anything in between, there are specifics and prices that interested Suppliers need to know. While those of us at the PSAI office are always happy to take a call or respond to an email regarding specs for an ad or clarification on a form, wouldn’t it be wonderful if each event registration form or ad purchase form was all in once place – specifics and descriptions included? We agree – which is why the PSAI offers our Visibility Kit for 2020-21.

2020-21 Visibility Kit

This guide explains all opportunities offered by the PSAI to boost your company’s visibility. Divided into sections, the 2020-21 Visibility Kit covers:

  • Membership demographics and PSAI event attendee data
  • PSAI weekly newsletter ads
  • PSAI website ads
  • Online Supplier Directory listings and enhancements
  • Industry Resource Directory ads
  • Urgent Run information
  • Virtual Conference and Trade Show Opportunities
    • Pre-event mailer ads
    • Trade show booths
    • Innovation forum, and gameification opportunities
    • Sponsorships
  • The general PSAI price list
  • PSAI ad specs
  • PSAI editorial calendar deadlines

In addition to explanations, prices, and specifications, this document includes ALL OF THE NECESSARY PSAI ORDER FORMS, REQUEST FORMS, AND CONTRACTS FOR THE 2020-21 FISCAL YEAR. While event and ad reminders will be sent out to PSAI members and featured in future editions of our weekly newsletter, Association Insight, this resource will be an all-inclusive guide for suppliers during the coming year. We hope that this kit will prove to be useful for anyone interested in promotion through the PSAI. Contact the PSAI office at +1-952-854-8300 or email us at with any questions.