PSAI Revising 2 ANSI Industry Standards: Give Your Opinion

Standards and Regulations,

PSAI is seeking public review and comment on proposed revisions to two proposed standards:

  • PSAI Standard Z4.3: Nonsewered Waste Disposal Systems at Places of Employment: Minimum Requirements
  • PSAI Standard Z4.4: Nonsewered Waste Disposal Systems: General Public Use - Minimum Requirements

These standards can affect expectations and even regulations around portable sanitation. Participating in the Public Review process is one way you can play a bigger role in the direction of your industry and association.

Public Review Period: July 8, 2024 – August 18, 2024

Access the Draft Standards: Download the draft of Standard Z4.3 here, the draft of Standard Z4.4 here or contact Veronica Crosier at or by phone at 651-290-6295 to request a copy.

Submit Comments: Please send your feedback by August 18, 2024. Comments should be submitted using the provided comment form available at If you prefer a PDF version of the comment form, please email

Purpose: The public review process aims to gather diverse perspectives to enhance the clarity, relevance, and accuracy of these standards.

Consensus Body: If you’re interested in being more involved with the approval process for these proposed standards, apply to serve on the Consensus Body responsible for voting on the standards.

For any questions, further information, or to be considered for the Consensus Body, please contact Veronica Crosier, Executive Director, at or by phone at 651-290-6295.