PSAI 2024 Scholarship Winners Announced

For the Public,

In alphabetical order, here are the 2024 Scholarship recipients:

  • Layne Campbell, KPD Porta Johns
  • Colin Kvam, Biffs Inc.
  • Aiden McMahon, United Site Services
  • Patrick Sullivan, United Site Services
  • Ryan Zeltner, PolyJohn Canada

These students demonstrated achievement in academics and extracurricular activities. They also wrote creative essays in response to the prompt, “Future Horizons: Envision the future landscape of the portable sanitation industry. Consider emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities, and propose strategies for the industry to stay ahead in an ever-changing world.”

Last year, PSAI made one big change to scholarship eligibility. As of 2023, recipients could be internationally based and apply their scholarship to an international education institute instead of U.S. only. This year, we’re excited to recognize Ryan Zeltner as this year’s first international scholarship recipient who will also attend university in Canada.

The PSAI Scholarship Program is going on its 26th year, having awarded $457,500 to 135 students. Your association is proud to offer the Scholarship Program as a member benefit extended to employees at each member company and their spouses or children.

The next application cycle will open in autumn 2024.

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