How ChatGPT Can Improve PSAI Member Experience

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The latest buzzword in business is “AI,” or “artificial intelligence.” AI programs like ChatGPT are making a splash in some major ways and we’re all wondering what this could mean for the future.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced chatbot that uses natural language processing (NLP) to create more conversational exchanges to user inquiries. Its use of NLP also makes its responses more detailed and accurate. While ChatGPT is still in beta, advances in this technology are being made constantly. However, ChatGPT is already proving useful in improving efficiency in everyday business tasks.

Several PSAI staff are currently attending a multiweek course to learn and practice best applications of ChatGPT and similar AI programs to enhance association offerings.

How can AI improve PSAI Member experience?
  • Member Support: AI such as ChatGPT could help members better find resources, or field general member inquiries.
  • Translation: PSAI is already testing ChatGPT’s ability to translate some course materials—allowing us to offer trainings broadly.
  • Data Analysis: With the ability to quickly perform analysis with AI, PSAI can more easily recognize trends and interests, allowing us to better meet the unique needs of members.
Are you using AI in your company?

The potential applications of AI are many. PSAI will stay abreast of advances and uses of AI programs and how they may impact the portable sanitation industry. If you’re already using AI in your operations, we’d love to hear your experience!