Our Alliances

American Rental Association

The PSAI has an alliance with the American Rental Association (ARA) which provides PSAI members with some ARA benefits. Learn more here.


WWETT is an unaffiliated trade show focused on the water and wastewater equipment, treatment and transport industry. PSAI members can get special discounts and participate in PSAI-sponsored education at the WWETT Show each year with a code from the PSAI. Click here to see the most recent deal, and watch this space for updates as the annual WWETT show gets close.

Sanitation-Related Non-Profit Alliances

The PSAI has a number of nonprofit alliances and collaborative business relationships that help deliver valuable benefits to our members. Get the details.

PSAI's Organizational Memberships

Today’s global business environment requires relevant industry resources that support the PSAI’s strategies, mission and vision. The PSAI and its staff are members of a variety of organizations that help us work toward our vision. Check it out here.