Sanitation-Related Nonprofit Alliances

Portable Sanitation Europe

Founded in 2000, PSE and its members have been recognized by many local and national organizations as being the leaders in portable toilet and sanitation provision in Europe. The PSAI is pleased to work with them!

To learn more about Portable Sanitation Europe, click here.


Founded in 2009, EUROTOI is a portable sanitation trade show in Europe.

European Portable Sanitation Group meeting are held annually in March with representatives from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and Spain.

The EUROTOI trade show is held each March in Nürburg, Germany. For more information, click here.

North American Nonprofits

The PSAI is proud to collaborate with the following nonprofit organizations in the delivery of industry information, education and training concerning portable sanitation topics:

  • Illinois Association of Local Environmental Health Administrators (IALEHA)
  • Onsite Wastewater Professionals of Illinois (OWPI)
  • Arizona County Directors of Environmental Health Services Association
  • Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services (OASIS)
  • Waste Water Nova Scotia Society (WWNS)

If you are a PSAI member and have questions about our alliances, partnerships, membership or your benefits as a PSAI member, please call the office at +1-952-854-8300.