From Your PSAI Board: New Strategic Plan Coming in 2023

For the Public,

PSAI Board of Directors to Launch New Strategic Plan in 2023

Like most organizations, PSAI operates in alignment with a regularly updated strategic plan. Historically, PSAI has utilized the classic 5-year plan, which is due for an update this summer. A lot has happened in the last 5 years… including a pandemic, a supply chain backup that’s changed how our members do business, major advances in AI, and, internally, a whole new staff and way of association management. Another change that’s been happening for years, but has sped up since COVID-19, is the length of time the average strategic plan encompasses. If we didn’t think so before, the pandemic sure convinced many people—things change faster than they used to, and shorter strategic plans are one result. PSAI will consider a 2–3-year plan this go-around as opposed to the traditional 5.

PSAI members talking at round table

Your Board of Directors has been researching and interviewing strategic planning consultants for the last several weeks. At the March Board meeting, it was unanimously decided that PSAI will work with Strategic Consulting and Coaching (SCC) based out of St. Paul, Minnesota, to facilitate our strategic planning process. Our plan will look at increasing our international offerings, modernizing the way we deliver education, strategizing to increase membership, and more. As part of this process, SCC will help to conduct interviews and collect data from our key stakeholders—that includes you!

So be on the lookout for announcements about how you can influence the direction of your Association, ensuring that our work meets your needs over the years to come. If you want to become even more involved in your Association’s mission, consider joining one of our many working committees.

For more information on the PSAI strategic plan or committee involvement, contact Veronica Crosier, Executive Director, at