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The Basic Service Technician Training Series is designed to address the basic competencies required for success in the role of a portable sanitation professional and serves as preparation for those seeking certification through the PSAI. When taken together and followed by successful completion of the exam, these three courses will satisfy the licensing requirements in the states of Illinois and Georgia. They are also accepted for continuing education credit in many other states. The series includes the following courses:

Completing the BSTT series prepares you to take the PSAI Certification Exam, which will be offered on February 12, 4–5 p.m. All U.S. states that currently require certification accept PSAI Certification. To be fully professionally certified, examinees must also have 2,000 hours of in-the-field experience. Examinees without those hours will still receive a Certificate of Completion, which they may upgrade to professional certification if they complete the required hours within one year of passing the exam.

You do not have to take the BSTT series to take the PSAI Certification Exam. Likewise, you do not have to take the PSAI Certification Exam upon completing the BSTT series. You may select either or both upon registering. You may also take the BSTT series as a bundle, or select just one or two courses.

PSAI Advanced Training Courses

Portable Sanitation & Work Sites (1.5 hours)—February 12, 8–9:30 am, presenter TBA

Portable Sanitation & Special Events (1.5 hours)—February 12, 10–11:30 am, presenter TBA

Portable Sanitation: Preparing for Extremes (1.5 hours)—February 12, 1–2:30 pm, presenter TBA