Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

Do you have questions about PSAI Certification? Here are the answers!

Q. How long does an individual’s certification last?

A. PSAI Certification is valid for three (3) years after successful completion of the Basic Service Technician Training Series (if required by your state) and passing the certification exam. Renewal is required every three years.

For persons certified before March 27, 2019 renewal involves re-committing to the Certified Portable Sanitation Professional Code of Ethics and payment of the appropriate fees. Individual states may also require proof of continuing education.

For everyone certified on March 27, 2019 or after, and for everyone who has been re-certified since March 27, 2019, at least six (6) hours of continuing education credit will be required to renew your credential in three years time. For more information, please refer to page 9 in the PSAI Professional Certification Program Manual.

Q. My state doesn’t require this. What benefits are there for becoming certified anyway?

A. Successful completion of the certification exam demonstrates exemplary knowledge of laws and best practices that apply to the portable sanitation industry. It puts you and your team at a competitive advantage with other companies. You can leverage this status when you apply for contracts, market your firm, and seek insurance coverage.

Q. How many U.S. States accept PSAI Certification as fulfillment for educational requirements in governmental regulations?

A. Many states recognize PSAI’s training courses for continuing education requirements. Contact us for a list or to request that we work with your state. Presently Illinois and Georgia recognize PSAI Certification as valid for licensure in those states. If you know that your state now recognizes PSAI Certification, please contact the PSAI office at

Q. Can I host a certification exam at my company?

A. At the present time it is possible to arrange training events and a certification exam at your company.

If you need the Basic Service Technician Training Series for your employees, we can assist you with finding a qualified instructor.  Beginning in March 2020 you will also have the option of having one of your senior company leaders take the PSAI’s new “Train the Trainer” course so that s/he can train on your site as well.

If you use a PSAI instructor, you will be served by a volunteer with first-hand knowledge of the portable sanitation industry. Consequently their availability is limited and your training dates must be coordinated with them.

The certification exam can be administered on your site via computer, provided a qualified outside proctor is present to verify the necessary procedures were followed. The proctor must be an individual not associated with your company (for example, a teacher or community member who works in a different field). Contact the PSAI office to get information about engaging a proctor.

Q: Is the certification examination available in Spanish?

A: No. After careful consideration the PSAI Certification Commission determined that the examination would only be available in English for the foreseeable future. 

Q: My question isn’t on this list. Where can I get more information?

A: The PSAI has published three resources about the certification program. They include:

If you have additional questions, please contact the PSAI office.