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Games and Prizes

Win a PolyJohn Bravo sink! 

PolyJohn’s Bravo is newly redesigned, making the best portable sink in the industry even better. It has several new features that improve its usability and durability. 

click here TO complete the entry forM

Deadline for entry: 12 noon central time Friday, November 20Note: Shipping costs are at the winner's expense.

Who doesn't need a $500 Satellite gift card?

Satellite Industries is the world’s largest supplier of products to the portable restroom industry, which include restrooms, mobile trailers, trucks and deodorizers. If you need it for your company, Satellite probably has it, and this gift card will take a chunk off your invoice. Click here to complete the entry form

Deadline for entry: 12 noon central time Friday, November 20.

Watch for the portable restrooms and win a smart watch!

All over the Hopin platform we've hidden portable restroom icons. Think of it as "Where's Waldo?" with a portable sanitation twist. Those who find them all will be entered into a drawing for this Samsung Galaxy smart watch jointly sponsored by Northwest Cascade Honey Bucket & Biffs. Make notes of all the places you see them.

click here to submit your answers

Deadline for entry: 6:00 pm central time Thursday, November 19.

You'll say WOW when you win this $8000 package from J&J! 

For over 50 years J&J has established a proud history of delivering savings and reliability in the portable sanitation industry with product innovations for today’s ever-changing environment. With a wide variety of deodorizer products, portable units, and interior lighting, J&J is ready to meet your needs. This prize package will give you a great start!

The winner will be chosen in a random drawing of those having all the correct answers. If no one does, the person with the most correct answers wins! 

Click here to complete the portable sanitation trivia game. 

Note: Shipping costs are at the winner's expense. Deadline for entry: 6:00 pm central time Thursday, November 19.

Think what your company can do with a gold-level PSAI membership!

The grand prize is a free gold-level PSAI membership. Depending on how you leverage it, this membership is a  ticket for your whole company to attend our events, training courses, certification programs, and more for a full year. It translates to thousands of dollars worth of value and an amazing chance to upgrade your company culture. Every company with attendees who spend at least an hour visiting our exhibitors is eligible. We'll do a random drawing for the winner!

Materials by Day


5:00 pm CST          Open Board Meeting - Agenda


10:00 am CST How to Reimagine Your Business for the COVID-19 Economy - Slides
11:30 am CST  Topical Roundtables IDescriptions
Topical Roundtables - Facilitator's Notes
1:00 pm CST 

Portable Sanitation Excellence on Worksites
Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3
Supplemental COVID-19 Handout

1:00 pm CST  Fleet Safety Part I-Creating Your Fleet Safety Program - Slides
1:00 pm CST  Improving Your Inside Sales and Customer Service - Slides
3:00 pm CST  Topical Roundtables IIDescriptions
Topical Roundtables - Facilitator's Notes


10:00 am CST New Standards, New Future for Portable Sanitation and Nonsewered Waste SystemsSlides
11:30 am CST Topical Roundtables IIIDescriptions
Topical Roundtables - Facilitator's Notes
1:00 pm CST Portable Sanitation Excellence and Special Events 
Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3
Supplemental COVID-19 Handout
1:00 pm CST Fleet Safety Part II-Recordkeeping and Liability Management - Slides
1:00 pm CST The Art of Outstanding Sales Performance - Slides
3:00 pm CST 

Hands On Learning Labs - HOLLway Sessions
Navigating Roadside Safety Inspections - Slides
Sink Options for Winter - Slides
Choosing the Best Truck for the Job - Slides 1, Slides 2
ADA Compliance and Issues - Slides
Customer/Employee Communication in the COVID-19 World - Slides Pending
Handling COVID-19 Related HR Issues - Slides
Trailer Evolution for the "New Normal" - Slides


10:00 am CST 

The Cost of Doing Business Workshop- Parts I and II
Slides Part I
Slides Part II
Handout-Cost of Service (General)
Handout-Cost of Service (Events)
Cost Anaysis Spreadsheet

12:30 pm CST  Topical Roundtables IV - Descriptions
Topical Roundtables - Facilitator's Notes

How to Use Hopin

The PSAI's Conference and Trade Show is being held on the Hopin meeting platform. Here are resources to help you get the most out of the site.
  • How to create your Hopin profile - video
  • What to expect and how to navigate the Hopin platform - info sheet

Event Policies

Continuing Education Credit

The content of the PSAI's educational conferences is widely accepted for continuing education hours. Check with us to see if your state/licensing body has approved the courses you want to take. You can also submit the detailed agenda here when you ask for credit. Let us know if you need documentation from us showing your attendance.

Note: to be eligible for this documentation you must (1) register under your own email address; (2) sign in to the sessions using that address; (3) use a camera so that we can verify you are physically present during the live session; and (4) arrive on time/stay to the end. Most licensing bodies will not accept CE hours from watching recordings or where your participation cannot be verified.  If you are a Certified Portable Sanitation Professional or Apprentice, these courses count for your CE requirements.

Please also see our other event policies for information related to this and all PSAI events: