Urgent Run

Making a Positive Impact

Since 2017 the PSAI has raised more than $20,000 for sanitation- and first responder-related charities. A frequent recipient has been Friends of Ngong Road (FoNR), the parent charity operating Karibu Loo in Nairobi, Kenya. FoNR assists children whose families have been affected by AIDS in completing their schooling. Karibu Loo is a portable restroom operation that helps fund FoNR and provides employment opportunities for program graduates.


The PSAI’s vision is a world in which clean and safe sanitation is accessible to all. To that end, the PSAI develops standards and evolves best practices in the portable sanitation industry. We also work through our member companies to provide users with clean, safe portable sanitation. Through programs like World Portable Sanitation Day and the Urgent Run, we work to raise awareness of global sanitation issues, to promote the role portable sanitation plays in improving health, and to raise funds for sound solutions to these challenges.