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The PSAI Code of Excellence Sets the Standard for Portable Sanitation Companies

The Code of Excellence was designed by leaders in the portable sanitation industry to be both aspirational and practical. Whether you are an industry member or not, our Code is intended to paint a picture of what the best companies already do, what good companies are working toward, and stand them in stark contrast to the “bad actors” that can cause harm by not following these guidelines. We recommend that portable restroom operators share the Code with their employees and use this document as a tool for strategic planning.

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Part 1: Excellence in Our Actions
  • We take seriously our responsibilities to customers, employees, and the world at large.
  • We conduct our businesses and ourselves in a legal and ethical manner: we do the right thing

Part 2: Excellence in Our Reputation
  • We maintain certified and qualified personnel, all of whom adhere to professional standards for technical operations and personal conduct.
  • We provide clean portable sanitation units and equipment, and we maintain our equipment to the highest standard.
  • We listen to our customers, taking the time to understand their expectations, wants, and needs. Then, we identify effective means of addressing them.

Part 3: Excellence in Our Relationships
  • We serve others with dignity and treat everyone with respect.
  • We promote equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace, as well as an environment free of harassment.
  • We follow good business practices with customers and suppliers.
  • We engage only in fair business practices with respect to our competitors.

Part 4: Excellence in Our Operations
  • We professionally and courteously transport our equipment.
  • We keep accurate records.
  • We monitor and audit activities as requested.
  • We continuously train and improve our personnel to perform at the highest standard with consistency throughout the organization.

Part 5: Excellence in Our Environment
  • We protect the health and safety of others.
  • We handle spills with the utmost care and urgency.
  • We properly handle and legally dispose of waste.
  • We protect the environment.

Part 6: Excellence Acknowledgement
  • We sign an acknowledgment that demonstrates our commitment to the PSAI Code of Excellence for the Portable Sanitation Industry.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for failures that cause harm to the public or the image of the industry.

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Code of Excellence