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Recent Award Winners

Congratulations to our industry leaders!

Read all about our industry’s recent award winners:

2018 Andy Gump Award Winner

Barry Gump (posthumous recognition)
Andy Gump Inc.

Barry Gump passed away on April 17, 2017, but his legacy and leadership will continue to benefit not only the company he helped build and lead but also the industry as a whole. Two of Barry’s closest friends in the Association, Lee Sola and Ron Inman, presented the award at the luncheon. Lee had the following anecdotes to share:



  • “I can guarantee you that one of the axioms that Barry lived by was that you always do the right thing, even when nobody is looking, and treat everyone the same way you want them to treat you.”
  • “When you look upon the family business, The Andy Gump Company, that Barry helped build and nurture for the major part of his life, you can easily realize what a truly great leader he was. The level of high quality service and employee morale is second to none. The honesty and integrity with which Barry dealt with employees, customers and vendors are qualities that all PSAI Members should aspire to.”

  • “I firmly believe that not only does Barry meet or exceed every criterion issued, I think he epitomizes what this award is all about. My only wish would be that I could shake his hand and congratulate him on another monumental achievement in his life. I miss him every day and I am proud to have known and loved him as a mentor but especially my friend.”

The decision to honor Barry Gump with the Andy Gump Award was due to the multiple nomination letters the committee received on his behalf. Below are a few lines from those letters:

“I was very lucky to meet Barry almost 30 years ago when he was elected president of the PSAI and I was elected on the Board of Directors for the first time. Since that time I have not only been a witness of his dedication to and success of his business, the Andy Gump Inc., but was also able to learn so much from our numerous discussions. Having seen the growth of Andy Gump Inc. over the years it was obvious that this would not have been possible without Barry’s entrepreneurial skills, his leadership with the ability to keep his employees motivated and last not least with the continuous back-up of his family. Taking his company to the next levels even in difficult times, Barry was always in the front line of freely sharing his knowledge and expertise with his colleagues for the betterment of the Portable Sanitation Industry.”

“Barry set an example for all of us to follow. He was a professional and a gentleman in every sense of those words – and he was a true spokesman for our industry.”

Finally, the following comments may sum up Barry’s impact best, considering that they come from one of his competitors:

“[Barry’s] genuine passion to grow the industry in a positive light has transformed the portable sanitation business. Barry was always generous in sharing knowledge and best practices with me. I truly believe that he shared his information with me and others in order to improve [users’] perceptions … to something positive for our industry. […] Barry was instrumental in developing the executive trailer market. He provided critical feedback and gave his honest input to manufacturers to improve the overall quality of their products. We can observe this in such changes including the granite counter tops, sound systems and other new advances previously not equipped in the trailers. Over the years, I have been fortunate to have learned a lot about the industry through his endless generosity. It is with utmost respect and admiration for Barry Gump that I support his nomination for this well-deserved award and acknowledgement.”

In all these things, Barry Gump – owner of the Andy Gump Company, PSAI Board Member, Past President, mentor, friend, boss, husband, and father – excelled. And so we recognize him and thank his family for accepting the award on his behalf to properly honor Barry’s legacy.

2018 Service Tech of the Year Winner

Kelly Kimes
Cal-State Site Services

This year’s winner has been in the portable sanitation industry for more than 20 years, most recently working at Cal-State Site Services in Simi Valley, California. Kelly Kimes has “seen it all and done it all.” When Cal-State hired him, they were hopeful he would bring his years of expertise and knowledge to the company, and he did not disappoint. Since Kelly joined their team about 5 years ago, the company has increased its event business and opened another yard to handle the overflow.

Kelly’s loyal customers followed him without question. One customer had the following story to tell about Kelly’s work ethic:


  “We were having a health department inspection and the 3-compartment hot sinks weren’t working. I couldn’t get ahold of the portable sanitation company we were using, and we were not being allowed to open our event … so I called Kelly. He was there within the hour, actually calling the inspector ahead of his arrival. The inspector let us open the event doors knowing that Kelly was on his way. Kelly went above and beyond what any company should have done for us and that is why we will never go anywhere else. You are lucky to have him.”

Kelly manages Cal-State’s secondary yard, covers route, pick-up and delivery drivers, washes units, and preps units for events and daily deliveries. He does it all while still maintaining approximately $500,000 in sales just in a small area. He is beloved by customers, crews, and office staff. His safety record is also impeccable – he has never had an accident or a ticket while behind the wheel of a company vehicle. Thanks to his knowledge, his team also has clean safety record. Kelly is currently undergoing treatment for a recent illness. Cal-State’s Eric Giffin accepted the award on his behalf, and he shared a few of the comments they’ve received while covering Kelly’s events and customers. Rather than speak with anyone else, customers have responded with:

  • “I can wait until Kelly comes back.”
  • “It’s okay, I will just wait for Kelly.”
  • “I already emailed Kelly.”
  • “He’s in the hospital?! But I just spoke to him an hour ago!?”

On behalf of the PSAI and all of the convention attendees, we would like to congratulate Kelly on what is clearly outstanding service and wish him the best possible outcomes from his treatment.


2018 Service Tech of the Year

Runner Up

Gregory Borchert
Mr John of Pittsburgh

Our 2018 runner up  has distinguished himself as a top performer and example for others at Mr. John of Pittsburgh. Gregory Borchert joined the Mr. John team just over six years ago and has held many roles. He is currently a service technician and has the skills and qualifications for numerous other duties. He is known for his punctuality, thoroughness, and his flawless safety record.

Over the past year, Greg was asked to take on a lot of work – seven days a week throughout the peak season and into the New Year. His work schedule has fluctuated, along with his duties each day. Greg took any unfamiliar work in stride and would work diligently to learn new routes or meet with dispatchers to ask questions in order to be more efficient the next day. However, it is really what his customers have to say about him that stands out:

  • “Greg was GREAT at keeping the unit cleaned! I NEVER once received a complaint from [the end users] and they complain about EVERYTHING! The impeccable service we receive is the reason we continue to rent from you!”
  • Greg was the best service driver we have ever had! He made sure to call us when a truck was blocking the unit AND even waited 5 minutes while we found someone to move the vehicle. Your company has a FANTASTIC worker.”
  • “The service was NEVER missed on this unit, I have seen Greg come out in rain, snow, hail, and even below zero temps. He did the same thorough cleaning in the bad weather that he did when it was sunny and 60 degrees. We appreciate that kind of service, because we understand how hard it is to work in below freezing temps.”
  • “Greg always gave us excellent service. We recently had a tough job off the parkway where there was little space, and a lot of equipment around. He always remained patient and made sure to call me to send someone down to have equipment moved opposed to just leaving the site. In fact – will I be getting him back at this job?”

Greg is a natural problem solver, which has been consistent since he started at Mr. John. In a position that can be frustrating and unpredictable, he makes keeping a positive attitude look effortless. Some units are not always accessible, whether it’s due to road conditions, equipment blocking the pathways, or the ongoing struggles with locked gates. Greg’s patience and attitude make it easy for his customer to want to help him. He preaches patience and positivity to the operations team and the service technicians that train underneath him. Greg’s motto is, “Stay positive and look for ways to impress your customers, they will remember that the next time you’re there.”

After proving himself time and again Mr John’s leaders realized that Greg would be a great influence on new employees. Having no issue assuming more duties, he agreed to become a Service Tech Trainer and part of their Short Service Employee (SSE) Program. New employees are sent with Greg to learn what it takes to be a successful Service Technician. He leads by example to show them the company’s expectations of work ethic and professionalism.


2018 Volunteer of the Year

Lindy Boehme

Our 2018 Volunteer of the Year has been involved in the portable sanitation industry for nearly 30 years. Lindy Boehme is a leader in a supplier company and is in a unique position to see our industry from the perspective of companies of all sizes. She has brought this insight to nearly every volunteer role she’s held with the PSAI. In her years of involvement, Lindy has:

  • Served – and continues to serve – on numerous committees and subcommittees
  • Spearheaded the Urgent Run, raising more than $4000 for charity the first year
  • Can always be counted on to make dozens of phone calls to help generate interest in PSAI events
  • Has been involved in other nonprofit groups around the country aimed at promoting the portable sanitation industry
  • Says “yes” to almost any need the PSAI has.

 The PSAI Members who nominated Lindy summed up what we all see in her efforts. Below are a few excerpts from her multiple nomination letters:

“Lindy has been extremely dedicated to the mission, vision and goals of the PSAI, and she has always been very generous with her time and talents to further those goals.”

“She has been a shining example of volunteerism as she has been a Member of several PSAI committees over many years and often times on several committees at one time.”

“She has excelled at call campaigns whether it was to encourage membership from non-members, to give a gentle nudge to get Members to register and make arrangements for attending PSAI conferences, calls to get people excited about and signed up for our first Urgent Run, or for interviewing Board Director Nominees prior to Board Elections.”

“As a Non-Operator Member Lindy has always been very involved and in tune with Supplier issues. She deeply cares about her fellow Supplier members, making sure they get the best return on their PSAI membership investment.”

During the years that Lindy has been involved with the PSAI we’ve had some great times and some dark days. During the darkest, Lindy was there, working tirelessly on the then-new Education Initiative. Someone once said, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.” Lindy not only swam, she helped us keep the life raft afloat with her optimism, her willingness to do what was needed, and her example. Since that time she’s been busy helping us set our PSAI course for new horizons. Lindy is one of those unique individuals who has a multiplier effect. She deserves this award because of what she does personally, but also because of the many ways she is able – and willing – to engage others, get them to contribute their own time and resources, and challenge us all to be better.