Satellite Industries Announces Acquisition of Sanitrax International

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Satellite Industries Acquires Sanitrax International

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Satellite Industries is excited to announce the acquisition of Sanitrax International: Will use new technology to benefit customers abroad and in US.

Satellite Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer in the portable sanitation industry, has announced the acquisition of Sanitrax International, the leading manufacturer in vacuum technology for portable sanitation products. The Sanitrax organization will be a part of Satellite’s new Vacuum Technology Division and will be the foundation for growth in this rapidly developing industry segment.

Welcome to Sanitrax International

Sanitrax developed and sold the world’s first and only patent-pending, retractable, containerized mobile restroom unit, housing multiple self-contained toilets, urinals, washbasins, and showers that rely on proven vacuum flush technology. This technology saves up to 90 percent of the water used by conventional gravity flushing toilets, and due to its unique retractable design, has also saved customers an average of 50 percent on logistical costs during transportation.

Vacuum flush technology (like that used in airplane restrooms) offered by Sanitrax fits perfectly in the vision of Satellite, which is the world’s largest supplier of portable toilets, service trucks, restroom trailers, and deodorizers. “The full integration of vacuum products through this acquisition fits right into Satellite’s vision for the future and will set the foundation for growth in all of our divisions with this exciting technology,” says John Babcock, Satellite’s president.

All of the products in the Sanitrax lineup are based on a retractable concept for compact transportation and are proven to be environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and easy to maintain The modular nature of the product allows it to be set up in different configurations making it customizable to customer needs on-site, making them a great solution for any event or location where a large number of portable toilets are needed. The Sanitrax products are specifically designed for events, festivals, fairs, humanitarian aid, and military operations; places where portable restrooms and sanitation equipment are needed most.

Sanitrax mobile vacuum toilet, sink, urinal, and shower modules were designed around one goal: to improve hygiene, enhance the user experience, reduce shipping costs, and provide a modular, sustainable solution for all mobile restroom needs.

“As the newest division of Satellite Industries, Sanitrax’s customers globally will experience a more local presence and operating within the larger Satellite global structure will allow more focus on product innovation.” Says Marcel Bikker, CEO, Sanitrax International BV.

Satellite Industries is a sanitation equipment manufacturer, in business since 1958. A family-owned company specialized in the design and manufacturing of portable restrooms and handwash stations, vacuum trucks, restroom trailers, and deodorizers for the portable sanitation industry.