Member Spotlight: Jason Perry

Member Spotlight,

Jason Perry


This week, we’re proud to spotlight our very own Association President, Jason Perry of Northwest Cascade Inc dba Honey Bucket. Jason serves as a PSAI Board Member and Executive Committee Member as President, has been the Chair of Standards & Guidance Committee, and has served on International Committee, Training Committee, and the Finance & Audit Committee. </p>

<h6> <strong>Jason, can you tell us a little about yourself? </strong></h6>

<p> I grew up in the industry starting in the ‘80s when I did my first event with my father. I’ve done every job imaginable in the portable sanitation industry leading up to where I am now—the Chief Operating Officer of Northwest Cascade & Honey Bucket. </p>

<h6> <strong>How long have you been a PSAI member? </strong></h6>

<p> I was first introduced to the PSAI back in the late ‘90s. </p>

<h6> <strong>What's been the best part of being a PSAI member for you? </strong></h6>

<p> I’ve taken great pleasure in the lifelong friends I have made from participating in the PSAI, as well as the knowledge I’ve gained from attending many conventions and serving on multiple committees. </p><h6> <strong>What brought you to the PRO industry and what were you doing before that? </strong></h6><p> I was born into it, and prior to this, I was a college student who worked as a cook for Golden Corral, then worked for Nextel at the Help Desk before coming home to Honey Bucket.</p><h6><strong>Favorite pastimes?</strong></h6> <p> My kids, sports (the kids’ and professional), hunting/fishing </p><h6> <strong>If you could go anywhere for one day, where would you go and what would you do there? </strong></h6><p> I’d say Mars, just so I could take some selfies so I could say I beat Elon Musk and SpaceX there. </p>