Jets Group Announces the Release of Jets™ Nomad

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Jets Group Announces the Release of Jets™ Nomad

Jets Group is proud to announce the launch of the Jets™ Nomad, a revolutionary new mobile sanitary infrastructure. Jets™ Nomad will help quickly establish water and wastewater handling for events, camps sites, festivals, or construction sites of any size.

“When the event industry shut down in March 2020, we devoted our time to develop this product in response to a need we’d seen in the market,” says Frode Bakke, Sales Manager at Jets Group. “We believe Jets™ Nomad will be a game changer for temporary and semi-permanent installations.”

The Jets™ NOMAD is a scalable system consisting of five units that can be combined to your specific needs at any site—anywhere. It can connect to any type of vacuum toilet module, creating an all-season sanitary solution.

The infrastructure consists of a water supply unit that distributes water for the toilets, urinals, and vacuum stations. Due to the Jets™ vacuum technology, the water consumption in the system is exceptionally low. Next is the catcher unit, preventing unwanted items from entering the pumps and eventually the sewer system. This is easy to clean and service during operation. The system is powered by a Duo-Vacuumarator™ pump station, which creates vacuum, and macerates sewage and discharges. The flow control unit vents and gravity-feeds the sewage line. Our transfer tank unit gives great flexibility by enabling you to set up the infrastructure up to one mile from the drain.

The modular concept makes installation quick and easy, and this low maintenance system can be serviced without special tools. An integrated communication system continuously monitors and logs performance during operation, ensuring control and peace of mind.

Jets Group is a is a global company that develops, manufactures, and sells vacuum- and wastewater treatment solutions for maritime and land-based markets.

Founded in 1986, the firm is headquartered in Norway, with offices and production facilities in Europe and China. Jets Group also has an extensive global network of representatives.

Around 80% of the business is export, and Jets™ has delivered more than 350,000 vacuum toilets across the globe, saving almost 20 million liters of potable water every day compared to conventional gravity toilet systems.

The Jets™ Nomad will be available worldwide beginning Feb. 1.