Nominations Are Open for the PSAI Board of Directors

For the Public ,

Why serve on the Board of Directors?

As a member of the Board, you have the unique opportunity to help steer the association and influence the portable sanitation industry at the highest level. The PSAI Board is made up of some of the most committed members of PSAI who see how the Association has elevated the industry and see the potential for its continued growth and development. As a board member, you’ll gain opportunities for professional development and leadership experience all while surrounded by equally passionate and driven members of the industry. Service on the Board of Directors is a commitment, but one that is personally and professionally rewarding. 


What is the role of the Board?

It is the responsibility of the PSAI Board of Directors to guide the vision and mission of PSAI, establish its basic priorities, goals and policies, approve its financial direction and provide guidance to the organization’s committees, councils, teams and professional staff.  

A detailed outline of the responsibilities undertaken by the Board in order to fulfill its role, as well as the standards of conduct for all board members may be found in the International Board of Directors Charter here.


What is the commitment? 

Length of Service. Anyone elected to the Board of Directors is expected to complete a 3-year term. Opportunities to additionally serve on the Executive Committee as a Board Officer may arise during that term. 

Meetings. The Board meets monthly for 1 to 2 hours. Additionally, board members are expected to make every effort to attend 3 in-person working sessions each year. Two of these will coincide with the Nuts & Bolts Educational Conference and the Annual Convention and Trade Show. The third typically takes place in the spring of each year, with the location determined annually by the Board of Directors. 

Costs. Board members are responsible for any costs associated with travel (airfare, lodging, meals, etc.). 


Who is eligible? 

Any individual employed by a PSAI Member company in good standing is eligible to run for the Board of Directors. It is important that an individual’s company be aware and supportive of their candidacy and understand the commitment involved should the individual be elected. 

This election cycle we will aim to fill: 

  • 5 Operator Director seats, and 
  • 2 Supplier Director seats 


How do I submit a nomination? 

You may either nominate yourself or someone else by downloading and completing the nomination form and sending it electronically to:  

or by mail to: 

ATTN: Veronica Crosier 


1000 Westgate Drive, Suite 252 

St. Paul, MN 55114 


The nominee will be notified once their application has been received and approved. 


Veronica Crosier
Executive Director
Portable Sanitation Association International
cell: 304.640.1564